Can I use the footage captured on my dash cam in court?

Yes, all footage you record is legally accepted by insurance companies and in court and there are many cases where dash cam footage has been the deciding factor.

Will it work outside the UK?

Yes, dash cams don’t have maps built in, they use GPS therefore you can use the dash cam anywhere in the world.

Will the dash cam drain my car battery?

No, most dash cams are designed to automatically switch on and off when the ignition key is turned on or off. In general, the camera is not powered when you're not using the car. Some dash cams have small internal batteries for use when the dash cam is dismounted and taken out of the car to obtain photos. Some have “shock sensors” and when your car is bumped, the camera automatically starts filming using the internal battery. (see model for specification)

Am I allowed to record video in public?

For Dash Cams, yes.  All video footage recorded in the public domain, (which in the UK includes all roads) is legal. Any video footage taken on your dash cam can be uploaded to YouTube, you don't even need to blur out number plates and faces.

For Action Cams generally yes also. Once again, all video footage recorded in the public domain is legal but as soon as you go in to any private setting, such as a house or in a shopping centre, you require the consent of the owner to film and publish that film on You Tube etc

Do I need to download the footage or replace the memory card every time it fills up?

No, dash cams use a loop recording feature. The dash cam records until the memory card is full and automatically records new videos over the oldest files. Some dash cams have a g sensor which automatically saves the footage that has occurred after a bump or shock onto a separate file system which it does not delete. If you were involved in an accident, the shock of the collision would cause the dash cam to save those files separately and not overwrite them.

Can I turn the microphone off?

Yes on most models this is an option in the settings and as a rule, we would suggest you take that option to protect yourself from private conversations being recorded.

How can I pay without VAT?

Currently we don't refund VAT. The order confirmation you receive upon purchase, contains full details of the price paid including the VAT you were charged. You can reclaim the VAT via H.M.R.C.

Can I watch the videos on any computer?

Yes. Depending on which model you buy, you can either plug in the mini USB to the USB on your computer or remove the micro SD card and insert that into your computer. Some dash cams use AVI and some Mp4 and yet others use different formats. Make sure you have the correct codec and you will have no problem. Most computers as standard play most formats. If you have a problem download UMplayer, it’s a free download and plays pretty well every format available. With certain dash cam models, you will be able to playback using mapping software but this is dependent on model you buy. Please see specifications for your model.

Will my dash cam work in any vehicle?

Yes, as long as the vehicle you wish to use has a 12v power socket or cigarette lighter built in. If your vehicle doesn’t have one or it is a 24v system, you can wire the camera directly to the battery however this requires a little knowledge about vehicle wiring. In 99 percent of cases, the vehicle you will drive will have a 12v power outlet built in.

Is delivery free?

Yes, delivery is free on all items purchased from the dash cam man. Delivery times will vary dependent on what time of the day you ordered your item.

What is the best place to mount the dash cam?

In most cases the best place to mount the dash cam is high up on the windscreen and as near to the centre as it is possible to fix. This gives the best safety viewing angle for the camera. We suggest that if possible, you fix the dash cam on the windscreen directly in front of your rear view mirror to minimise the obstruction to your view of the road. Please make sure that your view of the road is not obscured. The placement of the dash cam will vary from car to car and some prefer to mount the dash cam on the dash board.

Do you have a phone number for customer support?

At present, no but you can contact us at any time via the contact page and we aim to get back to you within 3 hours during the normal working day.

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